Friday, August 26, 2011

New! Nitrile Gloves with Aloe Vera

10 Boxes per case, 100 gloves per box.

New DASH Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free Exam Gloves with Aloe Vera (Lightly Textured Green ) Puncture resistant and fully textured for an enhanced grip, DASH Nitrile PF with Aloe is the perfect solution for dry, irritated hands that perform high-risk jobs. As durable nitrile protects your hands from outside contact, the Active Aloeâ„¢ inner surface soothes hands by holding in your skin's moisture. Protein free and powder free, DASH Nitrile PF with Aloe are also tested and approved for use with chemotheraphy drugs.

Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Polymer

Type Non-sterile

Color Green

Nitrile Glove Interior Powder Free, Aloe Vera Coated

Nitrile Glove Exterior Textured Surface

Shape Ambidextrous

Cuff Beaded

Usage Single Use Only

Quantities 100 gloves per dispenser box, 1000 per case

Protein Content None/Latex-Free

Quality Certification ISO 9002. FDA QSR

Nitrile Glove with Aloe Specifications

Tensile Strength Before Aging 14 Mpa

Tensile Strength After Aging 14 Mpa

Elasticity/Elongation Before Aging 500%

Elasticity/Elongation After Aging 400%

Thickness at Palm 0.125 mm / 4.9 mil

Thickness at Finger 0.15 mm / 5.9 mil

Glove Length 250 mm (+/- 10)

Palm Width: X-Small 74 mm (+/- 4)

Palm Width: Small 81 mm (+/- 4)

Palm Width: Medium 96 mm (+/- 4)

Palm Width: Large 106 mm (+/- 4)

Palm Width: X-Large 115 mm (+/- 4)

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Glove Deals Aloe Latex Gloves - ALOE PRO

Latex Exam Glove Glove Specifications, AloePRO by DASH

Material, 100% natural rubber latex

Type, Non-sterile standard exam grade

Color, Natural

Latex Glove Interior, Aloe Vera Coated and Powder Free

Glove Exterior, Lightly textured surface for better dexterity in the fingertips

Latex Glove Shape, Ambidextrous (can be used on either right or left hand)

Disposable Latex Glove Cuff, Beaded at the bottom (this helps for easy donning of the glove onto your hand)

Usage Per Single or Pair of Disposable Latex Gloves, Single use only

Case Amount, 1,000 Latex Gloves Per Case (100 Gloves Per Box, 10 Boxes Per case)

Protein Content, Less than 50µg/g per ASTM D 5712

Quality Certification, ISO 9002. FDA QSR

Tensile Strength Before Aging 18 Mpa

Tensile Strength After Aging 14 Mpa

Elasticity/Elongation Before Aging 650%

Elasticity/Elongation After Aging 500%

Thickness at Palm 0.14 mm / 5.5mil

Thickness at Finger 0.155 mm / 6.1mil

Glove Length 250 mm (+/- 10)

Palm Width: X-Small 75 mm (+/- 3)

Palm Width: Small 85 mm (+/- 3)

Palm Width: Small/Medium 89 mm (+/- 3)

Palm Width: Medium 96 mm (+/- 3)

Palm Width: Large 107 mm (+/- 3)

Palm Width: X-Large 117 mm (+/- 3)

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